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Student Dormitories

There are dormitories for girls and boys in the Ibn Haldun University Complex. It can accommodate 743 students, including 361 girls and 382 boys. In order to benefit from the dormitory facility, the student must attend classes by registering for each semester. Students who lose their right to dormitory due to absenteeism cannot enroll in the dormitory in the following semesters.

Dormitory rooms are for 3 people. Every comfort has been considered for our students in the rooms and generally in our dormitories. In the dormitory buildings, there are special study areas, recreation areas, social-cultural activity areas and a library, as well as aerobics rooms for girls and fitness centers for boys, and hobby kitchens. The basketball court and tennis court located right next to the dormitory buildings are also available to our students.

Various workshops can be held in the dormitories in line with the wishes of the students; Social and cultural events are organized.

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