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English Debate Club

Welcome to the world of debate! As IhuDebate, every week we organize trainings with skilled debaters where we learn how to think analytical, fast, how to speak to the groups and best express ourselves. Also, we explore a variety of up to date topics in philosophy, politics, social justice, economics and more. All the discussion and hard work pays off itself when we attend world most prestigious tournaments that are organized by world intellectually most prestigious universities: Oxford, Cambridge, Yale and many more! It is amazing opportunity for IhuDebate to attend such high competition were we represent our society and university at an international level, where there are speakers across the world from Singapore to Mexico. We enjoy critical thinking, analyzing, communication and being part of big world of debate! So we welcome everyone who whishes to talk, chat, discuss and experience frenzy world of tournaments. Join us, don’t miss out on thinking and having fun! For more information check out our instagram account

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  • Instagram: @ihudebate
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